Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Update: iLights Soundfont 1.3


1. Balance and fixes for Piano and E. Piano instruments

2. Choir Aaah and Synth Voice Replaced
   (Now from SC8850)
More tuned and balance.

3. Many instruments are replaced from JV1020 

Thanks for the feedback guys. Keep sending bugs and problems. Thanks

Email me for the link.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

iLights Soundfont version 1.1

iLights Soundfont version 1.1


This is my first soundfont project, Manually recorded using various hardwares like Roland SC8850, Roland JV1080, Yamaha DX7, Alesis D4 drum module and other soundfonts that you can find free across the internet.This is a General Midi soundfont. I deleted the GS/XG parts to make the file smaller and stable. (GS will be added in the future).
The instruments outputs are balanced properly, suits on live situation.

Please use VirtualMidiSynth for best performance.

It takes me several months to compile this soundfont. I'm using this as my main sound canvas until now. 

Any feedback please send me an Email.
Any donations would be appreciatted.

Email me for the download link.


Sample 1: 

More soon...


"Girl" (Original)

Recording Demo

Zoom G2.1NU
iBanez S750B
Logic Studio 9

Music and Arrangements are made by me.

Copyrights Reserved 2011

Garage Funk (Jam Session)

Manhattan by: Eric Johnson

Somewhere Somehow (Cover)

One of my all time favorite song from Michael W. Smith and Amy Grant

Dimarzio D - Activator X and PAF pro 36th anniversary pickup test